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Zer0 Primer

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Zer0 Primer is a colourless, water-based mineral fixative, for indoors and outdoors, with a modified potassium poly-silicate, colloidal silica and organic polymer base. The special formulation makes it totally free of biocides, formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Zer0 Primer is equipped with reduction activity of formaldehyde concentration. Combined with a mineral finish with formaldehyde reduction properties (CalceCruda, Patina Minerale, Puro_Titanium & VOC free), it optimises functionality. The duration of the destruction process is not permanent. In fact, this property is strictly linked to environmental conditions. Zer0 Primer represents Novacolor's current commitment towards a "Green Approach". To contain the “carbon footprint” of Zer0 Primer, it is formulated with a special binder, produced with sustainable biomass replacing the fossil raw materials thanks to a “mass balance” approach. Zer0 Primer obtained REDcert2 certification for products deriving from biomass use.