The Novacolor Wall2Floor System

One of the founders of French impressionist painting, Claude Monet (1840 - 1926), once said: 'Every colour we see comes from the influence of its neighbour.' Bearing these words and the fact that life is colourful and knows no limits in mind, Novacolor created the exquisite Wall2Floor System.

Providing a beautiful 'stone' appearance, Wall2Floor is the perfect decorating solution to achieving joint-less, seamless effects that match modern interior design concepts. A mineral system, Wall2Floor stimulates emotions and creativity within modern life styles by exalting contemporary and classic environments with modern materials, lights and chromatic solutions. Wall2Floor creates a world without barriers; a world where past, present and future; colours and materials; walls and floors become one.

Components of the Nocacolor Wall2Floor System

The Wall2Floor System consists of five main components, including:

·         Wall2FLoor Rasal

·         Wall2Floor Base Coat

·         Wall2Floor Top Coat

·         Wall2Floor Component B

·         Wall2Floor Clear Finish

A wide range of colours/ shades with warm, natural accents can be achieved by the addition of varying pigments.

Preparation and Application of the Wall2Floor System

All surfaces must be completely dry and free of moisture, mildew stains, dust and other debris/ dirt. Minor cracks and imperfections should be smoothed out using Rasal W2F. This initial coating should be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours. It may be necessary to stabilise surfaces with the help of suitable polyester netting/ meshing before applying the main coat of Wall2Floor Rasal.

Wall2Floor Rasal - To use W2F Rasal, add approximately 5 to 6 litres of water to 25 kg of the product and mix well (for approximately 3 minutes), using an electric mixer. Apply evenly to all surfaces with a steel trowel, smooth and allow drying over night. Mixture should be used within 2 hours of mixing.

Wall2Floor Base Coat - Add 6 litres of water to 25 kg of Base Coat. If required, add pigment and an additional 2 litres of water. Mix well with an electric mixer, and then apply to surfaces using the Wall2Floor trowel (Comb 24). Eliminate air bubbles with an aerator roller for resins. Use mixture within 2 to maximum 8 hours of mixing and allow coat to dry for 24 hours.

Wall2Floor Top Coat - Mix 5 kg of Wall2Floor Component B with 15 kg of Wall2Floor and add pigments. Mix thoroughly for approximately three minutes, and then apply to surfaces using a stucco trowel. Smooth to desired finish and allow drying for 12 hours before applying a second coat of this mixture. (Mixture should be used within 2 hours, so the mix for the second coat should not be prepared until ready for application).

Wall2Floor Clear Finish - Slowly pour component B of this bi-component product into component A, gently stirring throughout. Dilute with approximately 750 ml (40%) of water, stirring continually. Apply to surfaces using a palate or short nap roller. Allow to dry for a minimum of two hours before applying a second layer of Clear Finish, which should only be diluted with 20% (approximately 375 ml) of water. This coat should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 12 hours.

An optional component, consisting of Acquadivetro walls, Cera Wax or Clear Coat, may be applied to the finished surface to provide extra protection if required.

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