Hypnose - another City Vision Finish

Novacolor's City Vision finishes are - as mentioned in a previous post - based on the concept that cities acquire a soul through the people who live in them, turning them from lifeless, cold spaces into living, breathing environments.

Introducing the HypnoseCity Vision Finish

One of these divine finishes is Hypnose, an interior finish enriched with the glitter of precious metals to create a chromatic dispersion effect. Innovative and stylish, Hypnose is perfect for decorating valuable, modern interior surfaces. Depending on the method of application, Hypnose can be applied to mortars; pre-existing lime or new fine, pre-mixed plasters; gypsum boards, mineral and synthetic pre-existing paints and absorbent mineral blends.

Preparing the Surface for Application of Hypnose

Substrates on which the finish is to be used must be completely dry and free from dust, humidity and salt stains. For best results - in particular on fairly rough surfaces - application of one coat of Novaprimer (diluted with 50 to 80% water) is recommended. Once the primer has dried - which will take a minimum of four hours - a first coat of Novalux E in the desired colour, diluted with a maximum of 30% of water, can be applied using either a brush or a short haired roller. This coat should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 8 hours before applying a second coat of Novalux E of the same colour, again diluted and using brush or roller.

Application of Hypnose - Achieving different Finishes

Having allowed the second coat of Novalux E to dry properly (minimum drying time is 8 hours), the first coat of Hypnose can be applied. Diluting the finish with approximately 20% of water, the product needs to be mixed well before application to achieve the best results. Depending on the application technique and tools used, different effects can then be created.

For a delightful swirly effect, apply the first coat of diluted Hypnose with a synthetic glove, using small circular and/ or wavy 'wiping' motions. Allow this coat to dry for a minimum of four hours, and then repeat the process for a second coat of Hypnose.

Applying both coats of Hypnose with the City Vision brush, using short cross strokes will result in a lovely 'cross-hatch' effect. In either case, the finish will be completely dried out within approximately 24 hours, depending on the underlying substrate, its absorption rate, room temperature and general atmospheric conditions.

Recommendations for use of Hypnose

Novacolor Hypnose must be protected against cold and high heat during the application process. Temperatures during application should not fall below 10 degrees C (50 degrees F) or rise above 35 degrees C (95 degrees F). It should not be applied to extremely hot surfaces or surfaces exposed to direct sunlight during application.

As material batches may vary slightly, it is best to ensure a project is completed using Hypnose from the same production batch. Tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use. Empty packaging or left-over material should be disposed of in accordance with local laws.

Any more Ideas?

If you have discovered a technique resulting in a different effect to the ones described above, please tell us about it. You can do this - or let us know if this post was particularly useful to you - by using the comment form below.