Dune - a stunning Trowel Coating by Novacolor

Bearing the immortal words 'To decorate a wall means to emphasise the good proportions' of Paul Sérusier (1864 - 1927) - a French Post-Impressionist painter, pioneer of abstract art, inspiration for avant-garde Nabi movement, Cloisonnism and Synthetism artists and writer of the ‘ABC de la Peinture’ (ABC of Painting, 1921) - in mind, Novacolor created a whole range of fantastic decorative trowel coatings for interior and exterior surfaces.

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Introducing Dune and Dune d'Or 

One of these exquisite trowel coatings - offering stunning metallic effects - is Dune. Consisting of a fine water-based coating to which metallic pigments have been added in order to achieve a choice of either silver or gold highlights, Dune (Silver) and Dune d'Or (Gold) are perfect for interior surfaces within modern and classical environments alike.

Available in a plethora of colours - 81 gorgeous colours (including pinks, creams/ beiges, browns, blues and greys) in Dune Silver and 19 exquisite Dune Gold colours (including beiges, browns and greens) - the Dune Collection allows users to achieve fantastic effects reminiscent of fabrics and ancient tissues. Luxurious and extremely elegant, Dune trowel coatings can be used to create an almost infinite variety of high sheen or dull dimensional effects. Allowing for fantastic highs and lows in limitless combinations, the final texture of this coating ultimately depends on the creativity and skill of the applicator. In any case, a great variety of striking, unique emotions can be created using Dune trowel coating.

Preparing the Surface 

Before applying Dune, it is essential to ensure the surface to be coated is smooth, clean, free from dust and salt stains, and dry. A thin coat of NovaPrimer Bianco - an acrylic primer containing quartz powders - diluted with approximately 50 % to 80% of water should then be applied using a roller and allowed to dry. The drying process should take approximately eight hours, depending on much water was added to the primer in the first place.

Application of Dune and Dune d'Or 

Once the primer is sufficiently dry, a first, comparatively thin coat of Dune may be applied. This can be done in one of two ways. The first method is to dilute Dune trowel coating with approximately 20% of water and use a short-haired roller to apply this solution. The other option is to apply Dune trowel coating undiluted with the help of a stainless steel trowel. In either case, it is essential to smooth the surface thoroughly with a stainless steel trowel before allowing it to dry for an additional eight hours minimum.

After this drying period, the second, undiluted coat of Dune may be applied - this time using a little more of the coating - using the stainless steel trowel. This coat should then be worked into the surface by gently compressing it with the trowel, using circular strokes, until the desired final effect has been achieved.

Under stable conditions, with temperatures ranging around 25° C (77° F) and average humidity levels - this coat should be completely dry within 24 hours. If high washability is required, a coat of Novacolor Clear Coat may then be applied. This will also add extra protection to the surface.

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