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Among the ingredients of most Novacolor Products, users will find the term 'rheologic modifiers'. But what exactly does this mean? Here is a brief explanation of rheologic modifiers and why it is important for Novacolor Finishes to contain them.

Faux painting is the use of specific painting techniques in order to create the appearance of marble, wood or metal, for instance.

Architecture, like most things in life, undergoes continues changes. What's trendy and considered to be useful today is seen as pointless old hat tomorrow. Here are a few architectural trends to look out for this year.

One of the founders of French impressionist painting, Claude Monet (1840 - 1926), once said: 'Every colour we see comes from the influence of its neighbour.' Bearing these words and the fact that life is colourful and knows no limits in mind, Novacolor created the exquisite Wall2Floor System.

Novacolor's stunning Swahili Collection was inspired by the seemingly endless spaces, uncontaminated nature, men, women, culture and language of Africa. Swahili, the language of Africa, sees differences melting into a single, unique melody of peace and love.

Novacolor's City Vision finishes are - as mentioned in a previous post - based on the concept that cities acquire a soul through the people who live in them, turning them from lifeless, cold spaces into living, breathing environments.

Bearing the immortal words 'To decorate a wall means to emphasise the good proportions' of Paul Sérusier (1864 - 1927) - a French Post-Impressionist painter, pioneer of abstract art, inspiration for avant-garde Nabi movement, Cloisonnism and Synthetism artists and writer of the ‘ABC de la Peinture’ (ABC of Painting, 1921) - in mind, Novacolor created a whole range of fantastic decorative trowel coatings for interior and exterior surfaces.

Novacolor's CityVision concept is based on the belief that cities are not just spaces, but living places with their own life and memory; places that have acquired souls thanks to those who dwell within them. This belief led the company to create a new range of materials and effects designed to decorate these soulful urban spaces in style. One of these products is Mi-Ku.

The term 'Polished Plaster' immediately conjures up an impression of being something entirely new to the world of building/ decorating materials. In reality, however, polished - Venetian plaster, as it is also often referred to - has a very long history dating back many thousands of years.